PhD Defense - Innsbruck Dec 12th 2017

The PhD was a life changing experience, pushed me to go beyond what I would believe it is possible to happen, and taught me to persist in pursuing of ideas that matter while keeping an eye to the cost of the invested time and energy.

The Austrian adventure came to an end in the best possible way on Tuesday 12th of December 2017. I had the pleasure to present my PhD work in front of the PhD defense committee comprised by Dr. rer. nat. Elena Simperl, Prof. Dr. Dieter Fensel and Prof.Dr. Thomas Fahringer, which was followed by a nice conversation about the topic and application possibilities (slidedeck).

The dissertation and the corresponding developed project were partially supported by a netidee scholarship, as one of the best topics of that year. The developed project is under an Open Source license and can be found on GitHub, and the dissertation itself is available on the scholarship page.

PhD Dissertation title: Approach to leverage Websites to APIs through Semantics

Semantic Annotations: Semantic Annotations demystified for Web Developers

Written on December 12, 2017